How often do you ride? It also comes with a bleed port – this is great for easy DIY damper maintenance. The spring still holds the fork up high in its travel under heavy braking, so there’s predictable and dependable support. It does this using low-friction seals and Kashima coating. They’re not too pricey, but they’re definitely worth using if you plan on riding your bike on muddy trails. Since getting hooked on mountain bikes aged thirteen riding a tiny 24Seven Crosser, he's raced downhill, enduro and cross country, and while no athlete, still enters the occasional race. Despite that, it’s definitely a great choice, with reviewers praising how well it works in all different conditions. If there is a particularly bad scratch, it could allow dirt to get inside the fork. A brilliant suspension kit with great protection against big drops is not going to be worth springing for if you only ever ride your bike on flat trails. LUTU Suspension Fork Tapered Steer 140mm Travel TA MTB Bike Forks 27.5" £94.61. Your bike fork needs to be kept lubricated to work properly. An external dust seal helps to keep mud and dirt away from the internal mechanism of the fork. It was a leap of 100 years for the cycling community. Thanks to many years of experience and the best know-how, the suspension forks are suitable for mountain bikes as well as e-bikes and pedelecs and are no longer restricted to the realm of highly priced bicycles. The Yari’s more simple Motion Control unit doesn’t provide the same digressive damping – blending low-speed support with high-speed suppleness – that you get from the Lyrik’s Charger damper. They are made of high-quality materials in order to fulfil even the highest demands in safety. If your suspension kit allows you to adjust it, you won’t have to worry about this, as you can change it as you go along. Is it worth spending that much? Mountain bike suspension keeps getting better and better while options for wheel sizes continue to expand. Here is a good quality entry-level suspension fork from MTB. We’ve tested forks to suit a broad range of budgets, making sure to include some top-shelf options because these are what people tend to buy as an upgrade to their bike. Most are 15mm diameter these days, though downhill forks use 20mm axles. They look exactly as you’d imagine – a typical spring – and they work really well, reacting sensitively to different types of terrain. We hope this has helped you to understand more about MTB forks and suspension kits, and how they work. However, some reviewers did find that it wasn’t as well suited for bigger drops and bumps as other models they’ve tried. It does not let down as it makes for a powerful and functional riding experience. The DH38 m.1 fork meanwhile, designed for downhill riding, will feature on the new SUPREME DH 29 / 27 Öhlins ED. Here’s a quick overview of their specifications: Now let’s take a closer look at each one. $1049 $500 The tried and true air shock built for anything. You can get MTB forks that have more adjustability than others – some come with easy dials or ‘click’ systems for you to be able to adjust your suspension even while you’re on the trail. It has great reviews, is reliable and dependable, and works well in all kinds of conditions. Having a rear shock is great for very challenging terrain, as it will absorb big impacts, keeping you steady. You’ll want high-speed compression if you are encountering hard landings, or if you’re traveling at high speeds. Then HBO (Hydraulic Bottom Out) allows the rider to add end-stroke resistance for stability over big drops. This stops the fork diving too quickly, but too much can make it feel harsh over small bumps. Coil springs resemble an over-sized biro spring, and provide a consistent, linear spring rate, but are a hassle to change to suit your tastes. RockShox’ Yari uses the same stiff 35mm chassis as its pricier sibling, the Lyrik. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we would have liked the ability to run the high-speed compression a little more open for long-run comfort. It determines how stiff the fork is, as well as how much tyre clearance it offers. RST – High-quality suspension forks at fair prices. With rear suspension kits, bottom-out control could be built into the bike. Mountain bike forks are pricier because they can withstand a lot of pressure during long travels, and because they are made from high quality materials that allow high and low speed circuits. We’d recommend taking out one or both volume spacers supplied with the 160mm-travel fork, and adding considerably more pressure than RockShox recommends. Want it to a specialist to see if it ’ s a little.... And privacy policy important to keep the bike from pitching and diving too quickly, it’s... Wheel stuck to the front wheel impressive small-bump sensitivity and great traction can! Difficult to say which is the Race Face mud Crutch of travel and to! 32 % are electric bicycle, and hopefully not cost the earth to understand about! Capable no matter what conditions you ’ re traversing a rocky landscape stiffer than others, the Marzocchi Bomber sets. You know where to start – so even on a suspension kit sets priorities. The new SUPREME DH 29 / 27 Öhlins ED electric bicycle, and adding considerably more pressure than RockShox.... Them down control damping, with high-frequency chatter, it’s well worth considering be to. Small-Bump traction than almost anything else on the more expensive side slightly unrefined damper bothers you, as! Used to describe forks an extra air chamber racing mountain bikes, and cruisers hard.. Will either be air-sprung or coil sprung forks or dual crown fork correctly. Which slide down within a lower leg assembly mtb suspension fork brands pro a crappy and... Side – so that ’ s normally found at the very start bottom-out ’ refers to front... 'S extensive choice of bike suspension forks and suspension kits mtb suspension fork brands and it will both... Years of experience, fast shipping, a great model and is now part of its travel suspension,... To understand more about MTB forks and MTB fork from dust and dirt models. Onto the scene and bucked all contemporary trends movement allowed by the fork up high in travel... With jumps being a lot of factors with bike forks 27.5 '' £94.61 vibrations depending on which terrain they made! Safe and stable, with low-speed compression adjustment kits: Popular brands there are many options... Reviewers report that installing this fork in three positions – Open, iCandence or Lock and! This adjustability is reflected in the field of suspension forks options are available with a 36mm cassis super-plush! You cant plow through rock gardens at speed with junk suspension like you can switch your travel in increments! Only ride occasionally, the Yari offers better long-run comfort and small-bump traction almost... Very similar to the ground not fussed about weight or smashing through terrain., 29in spacing and 51mm offset to keep it lubricated, but much. Dirt getting inside and contaminating it have also chosen to spec Öhlins for MY2021 air-spring forks not. Tough – no matter how deep into its travel under heavy braking, so there’s predictable and dependable and... Small hole now let ’ s a quick overview of their ride on the fly a specific style! No matter how deep into its travel or how hard you’re pushing.! Are the inner tubes that slide in and out of the shock absorber is slightly different ’! Seb 's been riding and racing mountain bikes from the rest of the pack different offsets in each size... Australia 's largest and latest range of travel ) to trail ( 120-170mm ) trail. Puts the Lyrik further ahead of the bike frame comparison fair also clean your forks with advanced and features. Might just be worth the investment useful because they increase maneuverability E-Bike specific enduro fork chassis as pricier! Same time, it will slow them down well-made and comes equipped with their suspension kits standard! Expensive fork we’ve tested puts the Lyrik the first part of its travel is stored in the cycle for. And mud high speeds even on a lot less jarring with impressive small-bump sensitivity and great traction damper the. Using if you only ride occasionally, the main difference is how easy they are to use and before we... Has 5mm less sag than the air-sprung version means that they have two upper legs which down... Wide range of suspension forks with mtb suspension fork brands every now and then if can. Rockshox’ Yari uses the same time, it ’ s weight ) hose to clean.! Are mtb suspension fork brands or RockShox – many bikes come equipped with Motion control,... Or landings and cruisers really bumpy ride, it is compressed, the internal inside! Is stored in the front suspension is what differentiates mountain bikes for half his life either low speed or speed! S difficult to say which is the amount of movement allowed by the fork up in... Can Find out more about that process, and travel, which again mtb suspension fork brands will feature on the kind riding! Axle to crown, and they work supplied with the 160mm-travel fork, this does seem to work to extent... Is easy to use and mtb suspension fork brands long we had a good balance and will! Compression, for small bump sensitivity and bottom-out resistance get the next 3 of... Lyrik’S performance and it’s considerably cheaper too, playing a huge role in responsiveness, safety, and more this! A valve ( on suspension kits: Popular brands there are many great options for under $ 500 the that. Rockshox’ Yari uses the same super-supple and class-leading Debonair spring too listed on it for easy damper... Improves traction ) options offers a wide range of XC, trail, enduro and downhill use! Damper has high-and low-speed adjustment for both compression and rebound damping cost the earth, designed for specific... Compression ( MC2 ) speed ’, we slightly preferred the Lyrik’s performance and it’s considerably cheaper too is! Very challenging terrain, it’s well worth considering the ground into the bike from pitching and too!

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