Joel's family group did not immediately go to Auschwitz; first they enjoyed some of the country's beauty and its people, whom Joel found "industrious, friendly, and eager to engage." I read a lot of books and took a correspondence college course during the time I served." They burned and looted the settlements and killed 347 colonists--then 25% of the English population of Virginia. In June of 1607, Captain Christopher Newport led 23 men, including John Smith, on an exploration of the James river until they reached waterfalls blocking further navigation. In 1673 his name appeared on a list of freeman in Newport. Off stage awaiting their cue in the Fort Eustis theater (photo above) are "Cold Harbor" actors Larry Herman (as a Confederate soldier) and Norman Blankenship (as a wounded Union soldier). The town had just lost its minister, and many of the people were receptive to the Quaker message presented by Holder and Copeland. [26], Holder, Copeland and Shattuck were then transported to Boston where Shattuck was released with a fine, but the other two men were imprisoned, and held for more than ten weeks. Any who were still alive when the room was opened were promptly shot. Virtual Maritime Mondays. [56] This confrontation between many indigenous people and the English settlers was named for Metacomet, sachem of the Wampanoags, who was also known as King Philip. [42] Following their mutilation, the three men were re-imprisoned and given lashings twice a week until released nine weeks later. Whittier wrote of this incident in his poem "The King's Messenger". The two prisoners were joined in the House of Correction by another Quaker, John Rous from the Barbados. [1] [5] They were questioned primarily on their religious doctrines, and both Holder and Copeland, as leaders of this group, likely surprised the authorities with their thorough command of the Bible; Holder was also well versed in the law. [CDATA[ "[1] Holder was unable to breathe, but a man named Samuel Shattuck pushed the perpetrator aside and removed the obstructions from Holder's throat. He found it "wonderful having these connections repeatedly." Ted went immediately from active to reserve duty, serving 1965-67 while also attending CNC, where he was active in track and flag football. Most of the five crematoriums and gas chambers at Auschwitz were destroyed, or partly destroyed, when the Nazis learned the allied forces were coming to free the prisoners. var monthname=new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December"); Endicott was forced to comply, but he refused to send any Quakers back to England in fear that they would testify against him. The Senate version of the bill passed overwhelmingly in July 2020, but did not see a vote in the House of Representatives. CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Trolls existed long before the internet, as proved by the story of Lindy Chamberlain and her baby, Azaria, in Accused: Trial In The Outback (C5). Christopher Newport was among the first to the Jamestown Colony in 1607, and through his voyages, resupplied the colony to help keep it growing and sustained. [16], The jail time and the scourging had not deterred the determined missionaries, and on 3 June Holder and Copeland returned to Boston. You have no responsibilities; you become a baby until you are born. No ship master or other person in the colony would be a party to this atrocity, however. All photos here are from the Internet. Holder, with his frequent companion John Copeland, went north to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to begin their evangelistic efforts in the face of increasingly threatening anti-Quaker laws. They determined that Samuel Shattuck would be the one to deliver the mandamus to Endicott personally. [22] They gathered by a stream in the woods at a place that was subsequently named "Christopher's Hollow", and the location was still known by that name two and a half centuries later. How could some humans do such horrible things to other humans? The first practical compass seems to have been made in Venice in 1274. Restaurants served foods he ate as a child and people used expressions used by his parents and grandparents. You can call our Sales Department at (757) 654-2085, Service Department at (757) 654-2089, or our Parts Department at (757) 654-2090. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. Wife Bobbi attended three years, their son attended two, and their daughter earned her BS in biology at CNC in four years. Joel remembers that when the tour ended and he was returning to the tour bus, "I was struck by the thought of how many doctors, inventors, authors, Nobel laureates, and other wonderful people died at Auschwitz. // ]]>, Alumnus Joel Lewis's Visit to Auschwitz: Where Relatives Were, With personal information from Joel Lewis. The German words above this infamous gate to Auschwitz-Birkenau, ARBEIT MACHT FREI, translate as "Work liberates" or "Work makes one free"--a popular Nazi slogan posted in many concentration or death camps. read. Christopher Holder (1631–1688), was an early Quaker evangelist who was imprisoned and whipped, had an ear cut off, and was threatened with death for his religious activism in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and in England. [62] Christopher Jr. owned land in Newport, Rhode Island, and in 1692 sold 50 acres there to Roger Goulding.[1]. After attending CNC, then completing his BS at William and Mary in 1968, Herminio earned his MD & PhD at the University of Salamanca-Spain in 1974. He grew up eating foods from "the old country" and looking at pictures of, and listening to sad remembrances of, family killed in the Holocaust simply because, like him, they were Jewish. Their worship consisted of silent meditation, though those moved by the Spirit would at times make public exhortations. __________________________________________________________. He was one of the founders of the Jamestown Colony , the first permanent English settlement in North America . Link to Christopher Newport University home page: Link to Christopher Newport University Alumni home page: Above are the railroad tracks to the main entrance of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 6,000 people were murdered daily in five gas chambers. None of them, however, was deterred, with Stephenson and Robinson going up to Salem and Holder going elsewhere in northern Massachusetts. [48], Traveling with Holder to England were several other friends, including Samuel Shattuck and his fiancée, Mary Scott. He was so highly respected in Rhode Island, that during the colony's devastation during King Philip's War, he was one of 16 colonial leaders whose counsel was sought in April 1676 during the very difficult times. [61], Though Holder had two children with his first wife and seven more with his second. [1], The last record of Christopher Holder in Rhode Island is when he was taxed in 1680. He might be a pirate or a slave-trader, a respectable City merchant who had done well in currants or a country clothing capitalist. Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick had a son named Daniel and a daughter named Provided, and Endicott attempted to have these two children put into slavery. In any case he was looking for a safe investment for his profits, and one that would at the same time give him social standing. That fall, he enrolled at CNC. Christopher Goffard is an author and a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. Each was based upon brutal historical events in Virginia that had occurred relatively close to Newport News and about which most educated Virginians had some knowledge. (There is an underscore between 61 & 71 in the web address above), This site is NOT affiliated with Christopher Newport University. All photographs in this article are from Dalton Kelley Blankenship's Dramatic Workshop Scrapbook. I wondered how could this happen? The names of eight passengers were marked with a 'Q', indicating that they were Quakers and signifying that officials in England were already concerned about the religious fervor of these people. The Puritans in Massachusetts viewed Quakers as being among the most reprehensible of heretics. [36], On 15 April 1658 Holder and Copeland left Rhode Island, and on 23 April they attended a Friends' meeting in Sandwich. Then he served actively in the USAF 1974-82 in Germany, Italy, and Turkey. [31] The document announced the recent arrival of the Quakers, calling them notorious heretics and calling for their speedy removal from the colonies. Their needless deaths deprived humanity of countless wonders and treasures. ). In Wiesbaden, Germany, he was Chief of Neurology, USAF Europe. [43], The authorities were becoming increasingly paranoid. 2.) [25] On 29 August 1657, they did as they had done elsewhere, and attended a service at the Congregational church. The ashes were thrown into the nearby river, or buried, or used as fertilizer. CNC alumnus Joel Lewis was always aware of his Polish roots. He wanted to colonize Virginia. The authorities would not allow it to be done publicly, certain of a negative public reaction. The first practical compass seems to have been made in Venice in 1274. That he would love to meet her grandkids. With theater-like tiered seating for about 225 people, the hall was used for numerous events: class lectures, faculty meetings, community events and, beginning in 1965, commencements and theatrical performances. [10][13], The vessel departed on 1 April 1657 "entirely inadequate for the purpose", wrote historian Charles Holder, and an observer added, "they did go on in the name and power of the Lord. [61] The oldest child of Holder's second marriage, Christopher, Jr., was born in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire in 1666. He grew up in Limehouse, England. There was no elevated stage—just a floor area at the front of the room. This may have been when he became engaged to Mary Scott. Nevertheless, the Massachusetts leaders saw the Quakers as being very threatening to the "purity" of their theological doctrines, and seeing that their existing laws did not solve the "Quaker problem", they adopted a plan to enact increasingly brutal laws against them. "Many of the Yiddish words" his family spoke when he was a child, he learned, "had Polish as well as Germanic roots. and Air Force Systems Command Headquarters, Andrews AFB, MD. During his medical studies, Keith also served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, beginning in 1971. We seek to form good citizens and leaders. Although they may have met at the house of a receptive member, they also found a place to meet outside. Holder attempted to give a message from George Fox to the town's founder, Roger Williams, but Williams was not interested. Later he enrolled in NASA's Apprentice School and eventually became a computer programmer at NASA. Workshop member Norman Blankenship recalls that Frances Kitchin was "a true theater professional and a gracious lady" and that "the only reason we were able to perform 'Spring—1622' and 'Cold Harbor—1864’ was that Mrs. Kitchin had written them"--thus the group did not have to adhere to "rights and royalties.". In a few years Holder would marry Mary Scott. Newport did not take an official position. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. January 25 . served in the Air Force both before and during his attendance at CNC. Approximately 7,000 Union soldiers and 1,500 Confederate ones were killed (Wikipedia). The two dramas were excellent choices for CNC's theatrical debut on Friday evening, February 26, 1965 in Christopher Newport Hall's Lecture Room. The latter were told they were going to take showers. This time, in addition to a lengthy imprisonment and frequent whippings, the men faced the escalating Puritan laws, having their right ears cut off. All of the Quakers in his group were imprisoned, and then sent back to England on the same ship. The English are especially anxious to find a northern route or passage to the South Sea (Pacific Ocean) and the Spice Islands beyond as an alternative to the Spanish-dominated southern route. There were now 15 active Quaker missionaries in the American colonies: the original 11 who sailed on the Woodhouse, Mary Dyer from Rhode Island, and three more from the Barbados, one of whom was the future martyr, William Leddra. Richard's wife, Katherine Marbury Scott, was a daughter of the Reverend Francis Marbury of London, and a much younger sister of the famed Antinomian heretic Anne Hutchinson, who had been banished from the Massachusetts colony for her religious opinions. On 22 November 1659 he was again sentenced to banishment upon pain of death. [32] He wrote, "Concerning these Quakers (so-called), which are now among us, we have no law among us, whereby to punish any for only declaring by words, &c., theire mindes and understandings concerning the things and days of God, as to salvation and an eternal condition. The first plays produced by students in CNC's first theatrical group, were two one-act historical dramas written and copyrighted by Frances Kitchin, director of CNC's Dramatic Workshop and wife of CNC English and speech instructor William W. Kitchin. It is just super for us to know that you are actually visiting YOUR website and have something to share. Undeterred, Holder returned to New England aboard the small barque Woodhouse, landing in New Amsterdam in August 1657 despite few predictions of success. Holder went south to continue his missionary work during the winter, but returned to Massachusetts in 1659. Later that fall, Captain Smith tride to find another route to the Pacific along the Chickahominy River. [58], Holder retired from his missionary work following his release, being very tired from his strenuous existence and abuse. Christopher Newport was among the first to the Jamestown Colony in 1607, and through his voyages, resupplied the colony to help keep it growing and sustained. //
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