What have you been doing recently

What do you want from this job?

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Do you mean "what have you been up to lately?"? When …

Let's get things going again. you could use "recently" and say it as "I have recently been working..." so in this case adverb been -ing "Nationality" means the country of origin or country of birth. If the caligraphy be Poe's, it is different in all essential respects from all the many specimens known to us, and strongly resembles that of the writer of the heading and dating of the manuscript, both of which the contributor of the poem acknowledges to have been recently added. It's been quite some time since we last had an open discussion about what you've all been playing recently. It is an idiomatic expression. It means "what have you done, recently?". I have been debating with my wife (she is American) over the correct use of each phrase. See examples of What have you been doing recently. What Excel functions do you know? We've almost finished the second month of 2020, we've had tons of Linux games that have released this year already and a huge amount more on the way. Viewed 35k times 1. Is your schedule flexible for the next interview? What is your expected salary? 1.

It is a way of starting a conversation that allows the person being asked the question to tell any interesting stories about what has happened to them. Are you willing to relocate? Ask Question Asked 3 years, 4 months ago.

Interview question for Compensation Analyst in Los Angeles, CA.What have you been doing recently? Weekly growth notes is the chance to share what you've been up to recently with a focus on growing your product. What is your career direction? Let's get things going again. She doesn't know anything about grammar and also grew up with a lot of immigrants so she suggested I just post and ask. What were you doing/have you been doing [does one have a negative connotation?] Real sentences showing how to use What have you been doing recently correctly. it doesnt work very well with currently, as "have been" and currently are referring to two different tenses. Do you know how to use Excel pivot tables and z-lookup? If applied to a person, it would be the country that has …

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