Synology Google Play Music

Hope this helps. In order to play your local MP3 collection, you will need any of new Synology NAS models, Alexa (Echo PLus etc.) I was not able to play any music even directly clecking on the "Song" titles. Comment.

Simple, straightforward and automated music library management for Synology music collections. If after that, some CDs are left without cover art, add a second or a third source. The Android app on my OnePlus 6T is how I do most of my music listening.


speaker and few minutes of configuring. Google Play Music offers an unlimited music streaming subscription paired with YouTube Red, but it’s more than that. 2 – If you want to use the SONOS library: Using a Virtual DMS instance that runs SMB1 and only has read only access to my music to avoid enabeling SMB1 on my host DSM. Unfortunately, that's almost all what Music can do with iTunes-server library. Does anybody know if there is any plan to have Synology, specifically audio station to integrate with Google home assistant. Google Play Music, even at its peak, never offered the number of choices I have now for how I can listen to my music. Artist->Album->Song structure created by iTunes server is not recognized by Music app either. Supported on all recent Synology versions with 512MB or more, 2xx series and up. I want to use the Synology as a music server that my Sonos players can connect to. Even if the music you want to listen to isn’t available in Google’s streaming library, you can add it to your own personal Google Play Music library and listen from any device. Enjoy a navigable and enjoyable music library by ensuring a consistent, complete and correct music library. I know I can chromecast to the speakers using the app, but it would really be nice to say; "Hey Google, play Chemical Brothers via Audio Station." Install plex server on synology nas and then add plex as a music service in your synology app.

I have both the Synology Media Server and the Synology Logitech Media Server set up and succesfully detected by my PC music player (Media Monkey for Wndows).

No other service is offering anything close. TL;TR - iTunes server (DSM 6.2.4) does not currently work with Music app on MacOs (10.15.4). I love Google Play Music for exactly this reason: I have 20k songs uploaded and counting. I recommend Amazon and Google Play.

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