Enable NTFS long paths
Many applications, the .Net Framework and Windows itself have major issues with paths that have 260 or more characters, the result is that typically files in long paths cannot be used. Purtroppo ho verificato che il limite persiste e , da ricerche effettuate in rete, ho letto di NTFS Long Paths - Enable or

There are default restrictions of 260 characters for file-names/paths and 248 characters for directory paths this makes it important to be able to scan for long paths. GPO: enable win32 long paths I saw that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was supposed to address the limitation of long file paths and names. I ask because I've heard mixed comments about how there can be bugs related to long file names. Per questo attendevo l'aggiornamento Anniversary di Windows 10 che doveva risolvere, da quanto avevo letto, questa limitazione (255 caratteri). NTFS allows paths longer than most applications can handle. jimbo45 said: Hi there Windows explorer and a load of other applications which use the explorer interface for selecting files still DO NOT support long file names / paths + folders + files names still have to be < around 260 chars -- can't remember the exact number Windows 10 has an option to allow for longer file paths ().Is it risky to enable this option? According to what I found, the new GPO entry of "enable NTFS long paths" was supposed to be added, but I didn't see it.

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